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  • 60W Shingle TPT Flexible Solar panel

60W Shingle TPT Flexible Solar panel

所属分类: Shingle solar panel, TPT flexible solar panel | 发布日期:2020年8月6日 上午10:01

Nominal Power:60W Dimensions:1070*350*2mm




  • The efficiency of high-quality and high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon wafers can reach 21.4%,
  • Shingled string welding process, beautiful and neat,
  • The finished product has a thin thickness, lightweight, and good waterproof effect,
  • Lightweight and flexible features can be seamlessly integrated into your vehicle.
  • Suitable for boats, yachts, RVs, camping, etc.


Mechanical Data

Standard Test Conditions AM=1.5, E=1000W/m2, TC=25℃

Nominal Power 60W
Cell Type Monocrystalline
Cell Efficiency 21.4%
Maximum Power Current (Imp) 3.30A
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) 18.21V
Open-circuit voltage (Voc) 21.73V
Short-circuit current (ISC) 3.48A
Maximum System Voltage 1000V
Output Tolerance +3%
Cable 500mm / 2.5mm2
Connector Type MC4 / MC4 Compatible
Module Structure TPT / EVA / Backsheet
Junction box rating ≥IP67
Number of Diodes One
Working Temperature -40℃~+80℃
Module Dimensions 1070*350*2mm
Module Weight 1.50kg
Package Single Package
Pieces per Pallet 58
Gross Weight per Pallet 334kg
Pallet Dimensions 1270*1100*800mm

Product details:


Scope of application:

Prevent the loss of electricity: used on the roof of the car, charge the car battery at any time. Can prevent the car battery from losing electricity, and solve the situation that the car cannot be fired due to the battery loss caused by the long-term parking of the vehicle.

On-board electrical appliances: when using on-board electrical appliances, the original power of the car battery will not lose (car audio, navigator, driving recorder, exhaust fan, car blower, car refrigerator, cell phone, etc.)

Experimental power generation: DIY experiments for schools.




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